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What is CelShare?

CelShare is a unique way to share spreadsheets. CelShare is not a replacement for any spreadsheet application as we believe the major spreadsheet software companies already do a great job there.

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In a nutshell

CelShare allows you to upload spreadsheets and share them easily. You share the spreadsheets with your customer without ever sharing the underlying spreadsheet file.

CelShare transforms your spreadsheet into a secure file that looks like your spreadsheet – and users get a similar experience of using a spreadsheet. But all your IP is protected.

Protection of IP is at the heart of the CelShare.

Uploading is a breeze

You can upload single or bulk spreadsheets via the UI. Just browse, select the sheets you want to make available, and CelShare does the rest.

Or send us your spreadsheets via email. We match the sender with your account and add the spreadsheet automatically.

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Hide and redact

You can hide sheets, redact portions of sheets and all done via our interface or in the spreadsheet using your favorite spreadsheet application.

It's so simple we have a 2-minute video on it. Once you know what to do, it becomes second nature to disseminate spreadsheets without worry.

Sharing is a click or two

Once uploaded you can create sharing links with various accessibility rights. These range from a public link so anyone who has the link can access or specifically to individuals.

We have nice easy user interface to make all this possible. You can have multiple links with multiple access rights, expiry dates against your spreadsheets.

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Decide how much to show...

Currently we have 2 modes of operation with a 3rd coming in the next few months. The first is as if you went across all your spreadsheet and removed all the formulas and presented only the values.

The second also shows the formulas. But remember, this is a representation of the spreadsheet, not the actual spreadsheet. You decide at what level you wish to give access. Couple it with redaction and you can protect the most sensitive areas.

Fast & responsive

The spreadsheets you share are rendered as and when requested, limiting the traffic that goes backwards and forwards to the CelShare servers. This makes the whole experience fast and punchy.

To keep traffic to a minimum, CelShare only renders what is requested.

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Distribute via email

You can create contact lists in CelShare and distribute spreadsheets via email or share a link for the spreadsheets you’ve uploaded.

Analytics are available on these sheets.

Recipient field customization

Within CelShare, you can customize the recipient specific fields to make your emails more personal - beyond basic details such as first name, surname.

You can use upload mechanisms to incorporate these fields and build your lists quickly.

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With cascading fallback rules

Fall back rules tell the system what to do if a piece of information on a recipient is missing.

The rules cascade so you can be assured that your email is delivered to your recipients.

View, comment, ask questions

Once distributed, your clients click on the link to view the spreadsheet, comment, ask questions and engage - without ever having access to the underlying spreadsheet.

And if you want to stop access, simply delete the shared link in the CelShare UI – and the spreadsheet will no longer be available.

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Manage your organization

Multiple users can access the same organization team.

You benefit from central management of your business’s spreadsheets, with multiple people contributing and distributing content. One company, one system.

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